Abit of history:

This restaurant has been serving Thai food since the 1960’s. we have been told by locals that it was one of the first Thai restaurants in
London. The owners at the time were officials from the Thai embassy in queens gate, London. They missed their Thai food and could not find any restaurant serving this ‘new to uk  cuisine. so a small group of them decided to open their own Thai restaurant.

We took over in the spring of 1997 and began renovations. Our aim was to give the restaurant a fresh, bright and contemporary feel with touches of Thai charm. Walls were painted white, dark wooden floors were laid and low voltage ‘chopstick’ halogen lighting was installed.  

To this day, we are proud to be the only Thai restaurant in Kensington which is run, owned and cooked by Thai's.

Our food:

We pride our food in being authentic, almost homely, so no expense spared, we order the freshest Thai ingredients flown in twice a week from Thailand, as the key to delicious Thai cuisine is to use quality Thai grown herbs, spices and vegetables.

Tapas dining is a great way to sample many dishes without committing to only a few dishes! You may order just from the tapas menu which you can enjoy smaller portions of our most popular dishes or order the conventional way of starters from the tapas menu, then your main course. Whichever way you order, we hope you will enjoy your meal!

Just a final note before you order, dishes in red text are normally very spicy! We can prepare it milder if you like.

we look forward to welcoming you to papaya tree!



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