papaya tree thai lunch

​​​​​​​choose one of the following, then a dish you would like it prepared with.

seasonal vegetables - 8.00  

sliced chicken or pork - 9.00  

sliced beef, duck, prawn or mixed seafood - 10.00  

 all dishes from 1-10 are served with steamed thai jasmine rice.

1. pad krapow (hot) stir-fried dish with fresh basil leaves, finely chopped chilli and garlic.

2. pad preow wan stir-fried dish with fresh tomatoes, pineapple, cucumber, onion and green peppers in a sweet and sour sauce.

3. pad kratiam stir fried dish with garlic and cracked black pepper.  

4. geang kheaw wan (hot)  green curry with mixed vegetables and coconut milk.

5. geang pet (hot)  red curry with mixed vegetables and coconut milk.

6. geang penang (hot) strips of chicken or beef folded in a drier red curry sauce with coconut      milk and fish sauce.

7. pad pak  stir-fried dish with a deliciously light soya sauce.

8. pad pet (hot) stir-fried dish with a spicy thai chilli paste.

9. pad king  stir-fried dish with julienne ginger and fresh spring onion.

10. pad nam mun hoi stir fried dish with oyster sauce, mushrooms and spring onion.


noodle dishes

11. pad thai a highly popular thai fried rice noodles with fresh beansprouts, spring 
and roasted ground peanuts.

12. pad lard nar fried rice noodles in a smooth and light brown gravy. (add 1)

13. pad see-ew noodles fried rice noodles in a dark soya sauce.

14. pad bah mee noodles stir fried egg noodles with sliced spring onions baby corn
tossed in a light soya sauce.

15. guay teaw haeng a local thai lunch dish of stir fried egg or rice noodles mixed in
special thai soy sauce, crispy garlic, chilli and beansprouts.

16.  tom yum dry noodles (hot) rice noodles mixed with a hot and sour sauce with crispy
       garlic, chilli and ground peanuts

17. drunken noodles (hot) a spicy noodle dish of stir fried rice noodles with

      seasonal vegetables, fresh basil leaves, chilli and garlic.

18. khanom jeen geang kheaw wan (hot) home made soft noodles served with a

      smooth green curry sauce. (add 1)

19. khanom jeen geang bah (hot) home made soft noodles with a spicy jungle curry

      sauce. (add 1)

fried rice dishes

20. jungle fried rice (hot) a spicy dish with fresh basil leaves, garlic and special thai


21. kao pad geang kheaw wan (hot) green curry sauce stir fried with the rice.

22. papaya tree fried rice our famous special fried rice with vegetables, soy sauce, 

      garlic and thai spices. 

soup noodles
24. guay teaw neau rice noodles in a aromatic thai beef stock soup with mixed           
      vegetables and beansprouts.
25. guay teaw bet egg or rice noodles with sliced breast of duck, thai herbs and

26. tom yum noodles (hot) rice noodles in our famous hot and sour soup with
      vegetables, beansprouts and ground peanuts on the side.
27. thai boat noodles
originally served from little boats in the floating
      markets of
thailand, these noodles are served in a special herb soup 
      with vegetables and spices. 


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